After exhausting all school-based resources and holding out little hope for my son’s future, my family and my son were blessed to be introduced to Ms. Kim in late 2014.  With only five sight words in his tool box, reading at a pre-k level in fifth grade and with a severely deflated sense of his abilities, my son began a one on one, multi-sensory reading program with Ms. Kim meeting with her 5times a week within his regular school day.

Almost immediately we noticed a positive change in Gavin. He was more interested in going to school and  his confidence was coming back.  Ms. Kim was and still is a godsend, for without her, I am uncertain where my son would be today.

In the summer of 2015 we were awarded an empowerment scholarship and pulled him from public school.  With Ms. Kim’s individualized approach to tackling my son’s complex special learning needs, we have never looked back.  Together we developed an individualized educational plan to meet all his academic needs and I say, with tears in my eyes, Gavin is thriving today! I am filled with gratitude for Ms. Kim! She has done more for Gavin in two and a half years than the school system did in 5 years.

I simply cannot say enough about Ms. Kim, she’s so much more than a service provider, she’s part of our family.  She brings not only a deep understanding of special learning needs, she has an unwavering commitment to the children and families she supports. She brings a flexible and collaborative approach to her work, but most importantly to note is her loving and supportive engagement style…she  simply is irreplaceable.


There are few moments in my adult life where I have crossed paths with someone who changed my world. We all have special memories and great moments that we will never forget but some decisions are life altering decisions that will impact our lives forever. That moment for me was when I decided to take my academically struggling daughter to a tutor for the first time. When I met Kim, I was immediately impressed with her warmness and compassion for both my daughter and I. We entered the program with so much frustration and very little hope but through Kim’s persistence I now have a child who is confident, able to read, has embraced her learning challenges and has goals of attending college. My daughter is very shy and Kim was able to draw out the best in her, and more than that, she also taught me how to instruct her and understand her thinking process. I always believed I was my child’s biggest advocate but when Kim came into our lives, I felt I had a partner who literally saved our family. I will be forever grateful for Kin’s passion and honesty. Although we still have many years of school to go, my daughter is so much happier and I know that with Kim’s guidance we can do this!


Mrs. Kim taught me how to read, write, and spell. She helped me feel better about myself.

-12 year old girl