We’re all in this together, for the good of your child.

International Dyslexia Association Fact Sheet

WebMD Overview of Dyslexia

The Yale Center for Dyslexia

Books for Parents

This is as much a learning experience for you as it is for your child, heres a few resources for parents/adults:

Overcoming Dyslexia, A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level by Sally Shaywitz, M.D.

The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan by Ben Foss

The Dyslexic Advantage by Brock Eide and Fernette Eide

DyslexiaLand: A field guide for parents of children with dyslexia  by Cheri Rae

From ABC to ADHD: What Parents Should Know About Dyslexia and Attention Problems by Eric Tridas

Late, Lost, and Unprepared:  A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children with Executive Functioning by Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Ph.D. and Laurie Dietzel, Ph.D. 

Helping Your Anxious Child:  A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents by Rapee, Spence, Cobham, and Wignall

Help for Worried Kids: How Your Child Can Conquer Anxiety and Fear
by Cynthia Last

Books for Children

We recommend the following books, and end courage you to read them to your children to help them understand their learning difference:

It’s Called Dyslexia by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Knees:  The Mixed Up World of a Boy with Dyslexia by Vanita Oelschlager

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

My Name is Brain Brian 
by Jeanne Betancourt

The Alphabet War: A Story About Dyslexia by Diane Burton

Assistive Technology

Learning Ally – This organization is a non-profit dedicated to providing books on CD or download to students with visual impairments and dyslexia.

Dragon Naturally Speaking – Speech recognition software that allows user to dictate to the computer.

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen – Simplify notetaking during lectures.


Wrightslaw is an exceptional resource for parents, educators, advocates in need of the most up to date information about special education law and advocacy for children with disabilities.

Wrights Law

Individuals With Disabilities Education Act or IDEA is the nation’s special education law which provides rights and protection to children with disabilities.  Learn more about your rights at

The Office for Civil Rights exists to enforce civil rights and educational excellence for all in our nation’s schools.

U.S. Department of Education; Office for Civil Rights

If you are in need of a Special Education Advocate, please contact our office for a complete list of referrals for exceptional advocates in your area.