Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel comfortable in making the best educational choices for your child. Contact our office for a consultation to learn more about how Van Roekel Learning Center can help your struggling learner. We can discuss previous test results, feedback you’ve received from teachers, schedule an appointment for a Reading Screen, and answer and questions that you may have. Students can begin our services at any time and we are committed to following through until the learning gap is closed.

Parents seeking help for their child often feel overwhelmed with information.  Here are questions we are often asked at Van Roekel Learning Center.

  • Can your program truly help me/my child’s learning challenges?
    Yes! While each case is unique, we are able to assist children, teens and adults with a variety of learning differences. Our methods have been proven effective in remediating these learning differences for a life-long benefit to the student.
  • Is a reading screen necessary?
    Testing goes way beyond labels!  Our assessments help give us a roadmap to treatment. The assessment we will perform gives us a starting point in developing a unique plan for each student. This allows us to work with the specific strengths and needs of your child.
  • How do we know if our child is making improvements?
    That is a great question! We conduct regular progress measures, weekly notes, and provide frequent check-ins. This is important as we monitor and adjust for optimal results and help your child gain confidence in their school subjects. 

Have another question?  Contact us today!